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The quarterly meeting of the women political working group was held on the 7th of December 2021. The objectives of the meeting were to help finalize arrangements for the end of the year, to review activities of the group for the year and celebrate the journey so far.
The meeting was a hybrid one as there was provisions for other members to join virtually. The meeting started with the welcome remarks from the chair in person of Prof. Joy Onyesoh the Country Director of WILPF Nigeria who in her remarks appreciated the group members for their commitment to the process while also stating there’s room for greater collaborations. This was later followed by introductions of members. Following the introductions by members, the chair commenced by requesting the secretariat to update on the action points of the last meeting held on the 5th of august 2021.
Discussions were held with the members on sharing the lessons learnt and recommendations on activities of the working group for the year. It was also stated during the meeting that members should share their planned work plans for 2022. It was also discussed that there is the need to elect new chair of the group by January 2022 when the tenure of the present chair expires. The participants also discussed on ways of expanding the working group and criteria for new members to join. The criteria’s for selecting new members were agreed upon and lastly the number of new members to be accepted into the group was also discussed.
Having finalized on other pending discussions, the meeting was brought to a good end.