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One day stakeholder consultative dialogue

WILPF Nigeria organized a one day stakeholder consultative dialogue in the month of February 2021 as part of activities towards designing and adoption of a state action plan on women peace and security in Enugu State. The meeting was a follow up to the last dialogue session held with stakeholders in the month of December 2021 on the implementation of a SAP on WPS in the state.
The meeting started with an opening prayer was led by Aniekwe Ngozi a representative from the Nigerian Immigration Office Enugu State. This was preceded by the welcome address by the program officer of WILPF Nigeria Jane Siesi. Participants who attended the meeting were well represented from various Ministries, Agencies, CSOs and Security Agencies across the State and.
Keynote address was read by the representative of Hon. Commissioner of Gender Affairs and Social Development Mrs V.U. Okenwa. In her address, she posits that the meeting is timely owing to the incessant increase in the level of Gender Based Violence basically against the women in the country and in the State. Additionally she implored all participants to see the project as a task for all stakeholders in order to achieve the essence of Women Peace and Security in Enugu State. In summary, she extended the warm greetings of Hon. Commissioner of Gender Affairs who desired earnestly to be in the meeting but couldn’t due to other unavoidable engagements. However, she pledged the Hon. Commissioner’s unalloyed continued supports and readiness to partner with WILPF Nigeria towards achieving State Action Plan this year.
Following the keynote address, the honorable commissioner for health Dr Emmanuel Obi in his remarks, he stressed on the importance of the meeting considering the security challenge across the globe of which the girl child and women suffer the impact while also commending WILPF Nigeria on embarking on such noble project. He however, sternly advised participants to strictly observe the COVID-19 protocols. In his conclusion, he pledged his continued supports and readiness to partner with the organization to achieve the State Action Plan on Women Peace and Security.
Further to the keynote addresses, the technical session of the meeting started with the country director of WILPF Nigeria Prof Joy Onyesoh who gave an overview of the framework for developing a State Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 and Related Resolutions. She listed the objectives of the meeting as:
➢ Enhance participatory formulation of the SAP frame work
➢ Map Stakeholders
➢ Map emerging issues and priority issues in Enugu
➢ Conduct a rapid assessment of the WPS situation in Enugu State.
➢ Build collective ownership of the SAP development process.
Prof. Joy Onyesoh took the participants through an introductory session of what a SAP framework is whish was explained as a planning tool that helps focus conversations on results and impacts. While speaking, she listed the following as processes of developing a framework which will be very instrumental toward developing a framework for the State Action Plan for Enugu State:
➢ Mapping stakeholders
➢ Consultative Dialogue
➢ Assigning of roles and responsibilities
➢ Creating awareness
➢ Exchange of information
➢ Conducting a WPS assessment to identify priority
➢ Formulation of data baseline
➢ Designing an M & E Mechanism
➢ Harmonization, Validation and Dissemination
Prof Joy listed the pillars of the national action plan and also itemized the following elements as the core Strategies for the SAP Implementation:
• SAP Promotion and Advocacy
• Legislation and Policy
• Capacity Building and Service Delivery
• Research Documentation and Dissemination
• Coordination and Synergy of Activities between and among Stakeholders.
The impacts/ importance of SAP when launched was listed by the facilitator as follows:
• Sustained political will
• Appropriate design
• Effective Coordination
• Civil Society inclusion
• Systematic M & E
• Adequate Resources
Group Activity: participants were divided into three groups (group 1&2, group 3&4 and group 5&6) with each group using the four keys below as guide to develop an implementation plan. Each group was expected to select a chairperson and rapporteur.
• Identify the emerging issues and list other key issues in Enugu
• List the pillars and the elements
• List the strategic area of priorities for Enugu
• Create an implementation plan
Further to the group activity, each group member had a representative to present what the group members has done.
Action plans:
• Development of Referral protocols in the State.
• Advocacy visits to the Ministry of Health and Tamar SARC
• Inclusion of CSOs in the subsequent meetings
Group pictures were taken and lunch provided to all participants which brought the meeting to an end by 2:55pm.