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WILPF Nigeria, an implementing partner (IP) of the joint EU-UN spotlight initiative project, participated in the inception meeting for phase two of the project in Cross River State. The meeting was held on the 14th and 15th of June 2022 for IPs in the spotlight states to jointly review phase 2 work plan, share and interact with relevant MDAs, coordination with other partners on the spotlight project.
The objectives of the meeting were; To clarify the goal, objectives and targets of Phase II implementation, review and align IP workplan to the results-based larger workplan for the Spotlight Initiative, strengthen capacity and understanding IPs on UN Women policies and guidelines in relation to financial disbursement and reporting timelines and involve relevant partners from the start of Phase II, ensure they are knowledgeable about SI partner presence in the state as well as proposed activities and identify enabling opportunities to strengthen ownership and sustainability.
Participating in the meeting helped in understanding what is expected from implementing partners in the phase two implementation.