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The WILPF staff and funders meeting held on the 28th of November, 2017. It had in attendance four staff for WILPF Nigeria, Marie Sjoberg and Jennifer Rasten form WILPF Sweden, Jonatan Grinde and Hassan Mao from Forum Syd. The president of WILPF Nigeria gave a summary of the list of activities been implemented in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria which includes: Community training for state and local government coordinators, strategic and environmental meetings, training on the revised National Action Plan, training on formal and informal peace building process, designed communication materials in Rivers, Plateau and Delta states, advocacy and media engagements. Some of the challenges highlighted were the new project plan template from Forum Syd as it was a bit tasking and challenging. The funders also observed that they were more interested in the long term results, report and learns learnt as to what it has translated into.  They also had the opportunities to share more about their organization and what they expect from us in implementing our activities. Issues involving budget and financing were discussed and the meeting came to conclusion with the planning for advocacy visit to the Swedish embassy.