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WILPF Nigeria participated in the monitoring visit of the spotlight team which was on the 8th of September 2021. The team had a representation of two women and seven men. The leader of the team in person of Mr Yinka Akibu started with a formal introduction of his colleagues which WILPF Nigeria team also introduced its team before commencing on the evaluation. Further to the introduction, the leader of the team visit requested that WIPF Nigeria stated their activities, impacts they’ve have recorded since the start of the spotlight project in the state on both pillars which is pillars 2, 3 and 6. The programs person for WILPF Nigeria commenced by stating how the organization started with the need assessment and baseline survey in the state to better understand the situation and the gaps which are prevalent in the state, then further highlighted some of the success impact stores recorded over time both at the community, institutions and women’s organizational level. The programs person of WILPF Nigeria also listed some of the documents /policies designed by the organization in support from the state ministry of women affairs which has also been a way of strengthening their systems to build capacities.
Further to the interactions with the team, the organization was applauded for the work they do but was also told to strengthen activities on women’s movement such as engaging in key advocacies with advocacy asks to relevant stakeholders. The monitoring team also requested to see the policy documents developed by the organization which was promised to be sent by mail to the team. The meeting lasted for about 45 minutes and ended with a group photograph.