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To ensure that women play a key role in the election process and report from a gendered perspective, WILPF Nigeria organized one day training for women volunteers in Anambra state. The training was held on Tuesday 30th March 2021 in Anambra state. The training had a total of 15 participants present for the training who were selected from several different local government areas of the state. The objectives of the training were;

· To enhance the understanding of volunteers on the WRN platform

· To build capacity on early warning and response

· To build capacity on effective data collection

The participants were trained on what early warning and response is all about. Further to this, what was required of the volunteers was shared with them which are

· Mapping of stakeholders in the state

· Weekly updates on issues of VAW-E within the state using the template

· Weekly report of political happenings within the state

· Weekly report of activities of mapped stakeholders in the state

· Media monitoring on reporting of women (social media, online newspapers and print media, state dailies)

· Weekly updates on issues of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) using the appropraite template


The training came to an end with the participants with an increased knowledge on what early warning and response is all about.